Laboratory and Science Technician

Do you have a PASSION for Science?

This apprenticeship is suitable for those who would like to support teachers, scientists or other related personnel within a laboratory setting.

Intermediate Apprenticeship for Laboratory and Science Technician (Level 2)

This apprenticeship is designed for individuals whose job role is primarily dedicated to supporting personnel with data analysis, scientific development, preparation of scientific equipment and ensuring safety. They will provide assistance in order to create  a safe and productive environment.

Potential Job Roles:
– Laboratory Technician – Education (General)
– Laboratory Technician – Education (Maintenance)

As part of this training offer, you will complete the following qualifications:
– Level 2 Apprenticeship for Laboratory and Science Technician
– Level 1 English, Maths & ICT

Learners who complete the qualifications above can then progress to the following:
– Level 3 Apprenticeship Specialising in Education Science, Industrial Science or Analytical and Process Science
– Level 2 English, Maths & ICT

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Level 2 Course Overview


Level 3 Course Overview


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