Ashley Chadwick

Science Trainer

Ashley has worked for several years in the pharmaceutical industry, after discovering an interest in science at an early age. He partly originates this passion from an inspiring teacher during his secondary education. This proved instrumental in his pursuit to excel in his chosen field. He thrives on sharing this passion with others; especially those who are at the beginning of their journey into science.

After studying for a number of years and acquiring a degree in Cell and Molecular Biology and a masters in Forensic Science he was then given the opportunity to work for several high profile pharmaceuticals companies. This included testing a range of well-known brands. Having spent several years working predominantly in Quality control, he has also taken the opportunity to work in quality assurance and has also found this to be another area of interest. As his career has progressed he has been responsible for the training and development of colleges; some of whom have had no prior laboratory training or experience. Through being instrumental in the progression of others, he has discovered an invested zeal for helping others to realise their own potential and find their own drive in the scientific field.

Outside of work his interested include going to the gym, watching movies and football.