Alex Mount

Alex Mount


Alex joined Youthforce in January 2015 at the end of four and half years teaching Science in secondary schools in and around Portsmouth.

Prior to this he completed a masters’ degree in Chemistry at the University of Reading. He has also worked extensively as a supply teacher in both primary and secondary schools.

Alex has always considered helping others to achieve their potential to be a vocation and enjoys being able to do this in a number of ways as a tutor and assessor at Youthforce.

Firstly, Alex believes strongly in working to improve scientific literacy and technical skills in the UK and is delighted to do this in his role as a tutor of apprentice laboratory technicians. By equipping schools with trained and motivated laboratory technicians, teachers are able to spend more time educating young people and instil them with a passion for science. Working with young laboratory technicians also allows Alex to help improve scientific literacy in a more direct way.

Secondly, Alex relishes the opportunity to use his experience working in education to train young people as high quality teaching assistants. Alex sees this role as integral to Youthforce’s aim of ‘leaving a legacy’, as inspirational teaching assistants have the potential to improve the lives of hundreds of children over the course of a career.

Finally, Alex enjoys being a part of an exciting business which is frequently expanding into new markets and helping it to grow.