John Varney


Operations Apprentice

A new member of the team, John is training as an Operations Apprentice.

Having completed his Business and IT college courses he is eager to pursue his career ambitions at Youthforce. He has a strong passion to help others and is determined to provide support in any way he can. John enjoys the challenges of being an apprentice and is eager to further his skills and development.

Outside of work, John is a proud supporter of Brighton and Hove Albion FC and enjoys holidays to the US.    LinkedIn Profile



What’s it like to work at Youthforce?

“As the Operations Apprentice, I assist the operations team leader with general administrative duties. For me, I’m learning new things every day and improving myself, so I can do my job more effectively. I really enjoy learning new things and the challenges that come with it. The team is really supportive and friendly, helping me to learn and improve. At this stage, it’s about trying to learn all the basics, but in the future, I believe I will own certain tasks. My schedule may be more set-in-stone.

Youthforce is a friendly and approachable company. They really care about apprenticeships and young people. They want to grow as a company and are really involved with the community. They’re an exciting company to work for and I’m looking forward to seeing how the company grows in the years to come. I have worked here for around a month and a half, it’s been a really good introduction. I was brought in in a relaxed and friendly way. It has been challenging but enjoyable. My favourite part is learning new things every day and seeing myself improve.

The way the company presents itself on the website is what inspired me to want to work here. The vision of Youthforce is exciting and you can tell it is a company that cares about others, believing in what it stands for. The company is all about the learners. My job ensures that data is managed properly and respectfully. I help to allow the process to run smoothly.

Youthforce is a really friendly place to work. It can be very relaxed, but everyone works hard and its usually very busy. You are surrounded by passionate people that really care about what they’re doing, the company really believes in their vision. The leadership here is strong, I’ve never felt like I can’t do something as I’m given the confidence to help me learn.”

– John Varney