Shannon Reddin

Teaching Assistant Trainer

Shannon has an array of experience in working with Young People across many different sectors. Shannon has a passion for supporting and enabling individuals to grow and develop through education and practical opportunities to progress.

Shannon holds qualifications within Personal and Social Health Education and has studied Health Promotion at Brighton University. Shannon also has experience in Motivational Interviewing, Counselling and Safeguarding. Shannon is able to support individuals to utilise and enhance their skills, experience and confidence within the workplace.

Shannon supports the Talent Acquisition Team at Youthforce and often facilitates recruitment workshops to support individuals through their initial Journey with Youthforce.


What’s it like to work at Youthforce?

“I am a teaching assistant tutor working remotely from Youthforce, supporting learners from Portsmouth & Southampton. I go to the schools and attend class observations, tracking the progress of the learners. I ensure that they are supported in the workplace, helping them with their confidence, I also give them guidance about work.

My favourite thing about my role is that it involves people! The role allows me to encourage development and progression. To many people, apprenticeships are scary, but the job allows me to provide support and give learners a step up. The best part is when you see them at the start and watch them progress, its great to see their journey. It’s not about ticking boxes, it’s about making sure the learner feels confident and supported.

Youthforce is very dynamic, I love the mixture of people- their ages and skills. There is a good office vibe and you are always supported, your ideas matter. I love the culture. There is a big focus on being part of a team; everyone works together. It is informal which I love, but formal when it needs to be.

Before I started at Youthforce I was teaching sex education and relationships in secondary schools, I then began setting up my own business delivering this. I was looking for opportunities and Youthforce was a step up for me. I still run my own business whilst working here.

There is a lot of variety in my role. One day I will be at a school with a learner, perhaps one to one or in a group, we discuss barriers to learning and how they can be supported. Sometimes I will see them outside of school, at a coffee shop for example, where it is a more relaxed environment. Other days I will be doing training. It is very much led by students- they say what support they need and we see what best meets their needs.

Youthforce is a great place to work. You are always supported by a good team & company. They put their own stamp on things and it’s rewarding to work here because of the nature of what we are doing.”

– Shannon Reddin