Toby Hooper



Toby is a new addition to our training team. He has worked in secondary education for almost 10 years as a science teacher and tutor.

He studied rocket science (yes, really) at university whilst working at an organic farm at weekends. He is passionate about supporting and enabling young people towards the self-empowerment required to achieve their goals.

He loved teaching GCSE and BTEC science, so he’s excited about the experiences and career opportunities offered to young people by apprenticeships in an educational setting.

He believes in working for what working teaches, exploring new ideas with an entrepreneurial spirit, and is seriously enjoying what he calls his “foray into different sectors” – he’s learned so much over just the last few months and looks forward to learning even more in the future.

Outside of work, he loves renovating his house, at which he is experiencing different degrees of success. It has now taken twice as many years as he thought but he seems to have perfected the art of demolition.

Producing electronic music also used to be an interest but apparently, he’s suffering from writers block  and now compensating by buying equipment he cannot use or play! He refers to himself as an ‘unrepentant geek with interests ranging from science, IT, politics and economics.