Who We Are

Youthforce is a pioneering and highly respected training provider, dedicated to developing people in the UK.

Renowned for delivering accredited apprenticeship frameworks and qualifications for young people, professionals and non-professionals of all levels within the education sector. We also train mentors, leaders and employees within the private sector; with our training reaching thousands of individuals.

This begs the question; how can we deliver outstanding results to the same high standards for organisations in the private and public sector when most training organisations choose to specialise in just one?


When Youthforce was founded in 2005, we established ourselves firmly in the youth sector. Our vision was to contribute towards better outcomes for children and young people through developing the professionals working with them, including volunteers and managers. We realise this vision every day, developing programmes that make sense in practice, through honesty and transparency with clients and participants and through developing our own team.

Like any training provider worth their salt we know that for any training to have a measurable, long-lasting impact on performance it must be relevant, applicable and enjoyable; delivered by outstanding individuals with experience and expertise.


Expanding into the private sector a few years ago was not a challenge; it was a logical progression.

That’s because our purpose is the same whether we are training youth workers on a housing estate, lawyers in a FT-SE 100 London law firm or the leaders of a global brand in India. Our role is to help people to understand and fulfil their purpose through learning and development regardless of their sector.

At the centre of effective youth work is an understanding of needs, the importance of building sustainable relationships and of exploring the drivers that motivate individuals so they can achieve results and discover their purpose.

Doesn’t this apply to people in the private sector too?

We believe so and our experience in the private sector underpins this belief.

Businesses of all sizes are realising that for their employees to be able to perform to their true potential they must feel connected and have a sense of purpose that extends beyond simply generating profits for shareholders. They have to feel empowered, satisfied and fulfilled in their role. They want to work in harmony with other team members whether leading from the front or not.

And so our purpose as a training provider has equal value and merit with private sector organisations looking for more than just a box standard delivery as it does with organisations in the public sector. If a business wants to engage a client led training provider with a focus on solving problems and understanding needs before developing any training they can do no better than contact us.

Whether you are a global organisation in need of leadership and management programmes for your leaders or, a housing association in a London borough wanting training for your volunteer youth workers please get in touch.

Are we compatible?

With a training provider it’s crucial that you understand their ethos before engaging them. After all you’re entrusting them with your most precious assets – your people.

If you can see a compatibility between our ethos and the ethos of your organisation please contact us.


We will always address a problem or challenge head on in order to find out why a project may not be achieving its goals. We never shrink from responsibility, believing that making a decision is better than not making one! We are quick to learn from competitors; quick to implement change and so deliver more value to clients. We are committed to building real sustainable value into what we offer our clients and learners with our processes and systems. On a day to day basis, being tenacious means that we never give up on the most challenging learner and we never, ever abandon a project.


We were established in 2005 with a vision to “develop the world’s greatest youth sector.” This has expanded in recent years with our move into the private sector too. However a caring attitude underpins our brand. We are client led, student and employee centred. We connect, building relationships with teams and individuals. We solve problems and meet needs. The learner sits at the centre of our universe. We have a stringent selection process when it comes to recruiting trainers. Youthforce trainers are renowned for being exceptional – not merely in facilitating learning but also for their creativity, energy and enthusiasm (Which invariably motivates and inspires even the most reluctant of learners.) We spend an inordinate amount of time on the quality of our workbooks – the result of many months of painstaking collaboration, involving professional copywriters in the final stages. Regarded as a learning Bible each workbook is written to reflect the four different learning styles. We invest as much time and energy in developing and writing our workbooks as we do in the delivery of the learning itself.


The business that stands still, resting on its laurels is the one that falls behind. We believe that learning should be about breaking through barriers, about facilitating positive change. And so we thrive on finding new and creative ways to support professional development, for example, drawing on the works of many of the World’s most profound and inspiring philosophers, academics, humanitarians and thought leaders – encapsulating what is relevant within our courses and mentoring programmes. We are constantly developing and improving existing courses through harnessing the best of what the online world has to offer learners (including the growing phenomenon of social media). Our head office team thrives in an environment devoid of hierarchy in which each individual is encouraged to contribute radical ideas and to challenge the status quo in the true spirit of a pioneer.