The Level 3 IT Infrastructure Technician apprenticeship is a nationally recognised work-based training programme preparing apprentices for a wide range of IT support based roles and equipping them with transferable skills that are valued by employers.

Level 3 Infrastructure Technician Apprentice:

An Infrastructure Technician apprentice provides first and second line IT support to internal and external clients. They use technology to problem solve and troubleshoot common and non-routine issues efficiently. Infrastructure Technicians set people up on systems and provide support when they need it, rectifying issues to maintain and enhance organisational productivity. Each apprentice will be assessed against the knowledge, skills and behaviours required and approved by industry leaders. Learners must be at least 16 years old with a keen interest in IT and a desire to develop their skills whilst maintaining a full-time position.


The Apprenticeship Programme:


The programme is designed to take an individual and bring them up to the standard of knowledge, skill and behaviour (KSB) outlined on the Level 3 Infrastructure Technician Standard (and below). The KSBs have been selected by industry-leading IT-support providers and employers. The apprentice’s KSBs will be confirmed via a third-party assessment of their competence – known as an End Point Assessment (EPA). There is a full programme of learning to prepare the apprentice for their EPA.

The apprentice’s employer will work to ensure the apprentice is challenged appropriately in their working environment to allow them to develop their KSBs within a workplace setting. Youthforce will work in partnership with the apprentice’s employer to capture evidence of the apprentice’s progress at work in an e-portfolio. Youthforce will also provide training sessions that will: (a) prepare the apprentice to pass the five knowledge qualifications/modules required before they can move on to their EPA; and (b) target any specific skills that the apprentice needs to develop further. The EPA consists of four forms of assessment: (1) review of the apprentice’s portfolio of work; (2) a reference from the apprentice’s employer; (3)a synoptic project; and (4) an interview. All four forms of assessment will inform the apprentices final grade: pass, merit or distinction.



Upon successful completion of this apprenticeship, learners may apply to enter the register of IT Technicians to demonstrate professional competence at SFIA level 3. In addition, apprentices may secure a full-time position within the relevant sectors. Apprentices may also progress onto a Higher/Degree level apprenticeship such as Level 4 Network Engineer and Level 6 Digital Technology and Solutions Professional.

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