[heading]Team Leader & Operations[/heading]

As one of the early members of the Youthforce Team Georgia is a delightful addition! With an ever positive attitude, she is keen to take on new challenges and is always eager to help others. Georgia has a flair for technology and is always seeking out new ways to help improve the business. She has used her passion for creative endeavours to provide us with many of the photos that can be found on our website.

Georgia has been with us since 2012 and found herself in the position of team leader for operations, after just a year with our company. This shows that her amazing aptitude and abilities have not gone unnoticed.

Always eager to learner something new, Georgia is currently embarking on her BA (hons) in management practice as part of the charted manager degree.

Outside of the office, Georgia likes to go on skiing trips and enjoys visiting exotic places.


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[heading]What’s it like to work at Youthforce?[/heading]

“I think of Operations as one of the centre cogs in a wheel, helping everything to run smoothly. The ops department oversees the end to end processes for our apprentices journey with us, ensuring the admin processes are completed as they should be. There’s lots of organisation involved in my role, plus making sure everything is accurate and precise.

One of the great things about Youthforce is that we practice what we preach, I was the first apprentice here and was given the freedom to pick the qualification I wanted to do. The opportunities for learning at Youthforce are fantastic, I have completed numerous qualifications that have helped improve my practice. I have just begun my degree with the Open University, which Youthforce are fully supporting me with.

Youthforce is fast-paced, dynamic and is always ahead of the game. We’ve had to diversify serval times over the years but it’s never stopped us from continuously growing. The senior leadership team is forward thinking and always looking for the next best thing that will help the company to flourish further. The team is friendly and close-knit – there is a strong bond and you learn from others. I like that we help people get qualifications. It’s important to me to know that my role is having a positive impact.”

– Georgia Widdowson