[heading]Talent Acquisition Assosiate[/heading]

James joined Youthforce in February 2016 as part of the Talent Acquisition team, initially on a part-time basis while he studied for a degree. Throughout this time, James has been our first line of contact for apprentice applicants and has spent a great deal of his time telephone interviewing candidates and offering them advice and guidance where appropriate. As a part of the Talent Acquisition team, James is also involved in the planning and delivery of recruitment/trial days for apprentice applicants, offering him a great chance to meet our prospective apprentices.


Outside of work James is mad on all things football, he enjoys a spot of reading, and has recently started learning Russian.


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[heading]What’s it like to work at Youthforce?[/heading]

“My role is to primarily support talent acquisition and fill vacancies with apprentices. I receive the job description and post it online, filtering the candidates. I really enjoy speaking with the candidates; I like the variety in the people I speak to. There’s a real sense of excitement when you find a good candidate.

I started at Youthforce part-time in February 2016, and at the time the role was pure talent acquisition. We were making our way through a list of around 500 applicants, with still more coming in! Having completed my Masters Degree in September 2017, I went full time alongside Matt in the Talent Acquisition team. Right now, midway through 2018, my role is more varied and I’m currently building a list for business development, analysing competitors, running candidate workshops, in addition to the ‘background’ talent acquisition tasks like telephone interviews. My role changes with the business. We are moving into a new sector and all have to pitch in to make a success of it.

Before I started at Youthforce I valued rare books for 4 months. Then a friend got in touch and asked if I was interested in joining Youthforce, it was attractive in the way that it was different; it was laid back and appealing. The pitch was persuasive and truthful.

You would be hard-pressed to find a leadership team that are more convinced by apprenticeships than Youthforce’s. It is an ideal place for people who share a passion for Apprenticeships; it’s easy to get excited about them here. When the leadership has that kind of passion, it’s contagious. My colleagues and I are afforded a lot of autonomy and independence – the trusting environment gets the best out of an employee, in my opinion. It’s a great place for people to progress. It’s an open culture and a healthy atmosphere. We all share an enthusiasm for progression of others, which unites us under a common goal.”

– James Lang