[heading]Apprenticeship Recruitment Executive[/heading]

Matt is a BA Hons History graduate from the University of Sheffield, and joined the Talent Acquisition team at Youthforce in 2017. Having previously worked as a teacher in South East Asia, he has a passion for helping young people develop and reach their potential.


Matt developed an interest in talent acquisition when working as a recruiter for large training organisation in Vietnam. As part of the Youthforce team, Matt works with applicants to guide them through the journey into apprenticeships .


In his spare time, Matt enjoys cycling, playing music, and travelling.

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[heading]What’s it like to work at Youthforce?[/heading]

“Youthforce is a small, ambitious and personal company with a friendly, family vibe. The culture at Youthforce can feel chilled out, but we’re clear about what we want to achieve. The role individuals play in the company is significant, as the company is small – each person has a bigger responsibility than they might have at a larger organisation. Youthforce puts a lot of trust in its people, and the leadership gives independence to team members. Expectations are high, reflecting the ambitions of the business.

When an employer wants an apprentice, it’s the job of my team to find the right person for the role. This includes agreeing job outlines with employers, advertising roles and making potential applicants aware of opportunities, interviewing and assessing candidates, and helping employers to select the right talent for their opportunities.

A lot of my work is office-based, but also includes off-site work such as recruitment days, careers fairs and client meetings, to ensure we meet and engage applicants and employers face-to-face. The best part of my job is when an enthusiastic, keen applicant is successfully appointed as an apprentice. It’s rewarding to know that we played a part in helping someone take the first steps in a new career path.

Before I started at Youthforce I was living overseas in Vietnam where I worked for a training company, recruiting teachers. I returned to the UK in June 2017 and started working at Youthforce in July 2017 which was a busy time for the Talent Acquisition team. There was a large number of vacancies to recruit for and a lot for me to learn. In December 2017, I was appointed leader of the Talent Acquisition team. At this point, the focus at Youthforce began to shift to STEM apprenticeships. This meant the Talent Acquisition team needed to look at new ways to recruit and screen candidates for new types of roles in the science and technology sectors.

Now is an important time for the company; the focus on STEM represents a new direction for us. It’s an exciting time!”

– Matt Taylor