Jay Crabb

[heading]Head of Sales and Talent Acquisition[/heading]

Jay is responsible for ensuring that Youthforce continues to deliver and evolve the high value of service that is provided by its talent acquisition and consultative sales team, along with tailored programme solutions for Apprentices and Businesses within the STEM sectors.

With over 12 years of experience in the apprenticeship sector, Jay has progressed from being an apprentice himself, working as an in-house assessor to crafting a career delivering apprenticeships across many sectors with renowned employers. Most recently Jay has completed 10 years working with Babcock International in roles that included apprenticeship delivery, management of trainers and just recently 5 years as a Recruitment and Sales manager across the South East region and London.

Jay’s broad sector and sales knowledge is outlined by his previous experience working with B2B sales for inbound and outbound business, creation and fulfilment of apprenticeship vacancies, long-term customer and account relationship management, strategic business growth and the ability to understand and act upon the individual needs of the apprentice and employer within the agreed programme delivery. Jay has worked across many sectors such as Hospitality, Retail, Health and Social Care, Management and has a wide range of skills including adapting to critical business needs for the apprentices and employer’s future requirements.

Being able to continue the growth of Youthforce’s specialist brand and its leading position as the provider of choice within the STEM market, whilst maintaining its brand values of delivering high levels of service is key to the Sales and Acquisition teams vision and strategy at all times.



[heading]What’s it like to work at Youthforce?[/heading]

“The culture at Youthforce is energetic, the team has a can-do approach and people want to help each other. There is a consistent evolution, and everyone follows our values – everyone wants to succeed. There is a great kinetic energy here, you feel secure, and we offer real apprenticeships and career progression. It is an inspiring, progressive company that wants to evolve with the times. It’s lead by people who understand how to run a business, and Youthforce understands what business we’re in. Everyone is trained correctly and knows what they’re doing.

My role at Youthforce is to support the growth and visibility of the business through engagement of new and existing employers, looking at partnerships and identifying new verticals for future apprenticeship opportunities. It is my responsibility to deliver upon Youthforce long-term growth plans by implementing a clear strategy that can meet our growing business needs and support the current skill gaps in the Science and IT workforce. The current growth opportunities that Youthforce have within the Science and IT sectors due to skills gap means there is a need for great focus on developing the new business development role. This business and development role will help to build and define relationships with existing and new businesses to strengthen our market position and share within our chosen sectors of delivery.

My role also places me in charge of the Talent Acquisition and Programme Design team who are the backbone of our first line contact for recruitment, apprenticeship funding, bespoke programme guidance and industry knowledge for our customers and future apprentices.

It is essential in my role to build long-lasting relationships with business’s that is not just transactional based. Youthforce makes it our top priority to understand all of our clients so that we have a clear understanding of their business including current and future needs. Good employer relationships also mean that all stakeholders have a clear understanding of our vision and values and our new account management process now provides a clear communication and support platform for Youthforce to continue to build upon its successes.

I come from a work-based learning background, so I believe in the value of Apprenticeships. I like seeing an apprentice develop and evolve within their role and being given the opportunity to make a difference within a business. I enjoy being a part of right here, right now- it’s great to be a part of the evolution. Youthforce has a big heart and we’re a niche and emerging company with a wealth of industry experience across the breadth of the business.

Our CEO and Operations Director have a clear vision and understanding of where the business is and where we are going. They both have a real invested interest in making a difference to both the employers and the apprentices as their main driver, along with continually looking inwards at the business for self-improvement. I love having daily challenges, the teamwork ethos and people, seeing the values of everyone’s ideas at Youthforce. I really enjoy bringing ideas to the table and I get a kick when it works.

Youthforce adapts and evolves with the times, it has a dignity and integrity- it’s trusted by our employers and apprentices and is seen as a provider that wants to change the world through science and technology. The best things about our company are the values and the flexibility in terms of the locations and programmes we offer. It’s all about care and customer satisfaction. The company has a great ethos and energy, it’s very niche and ahead of the times. There’s a huge goal that we’re heading towards and the team at Youthforce are all committed to making it happen.

Everyone at Youthforce is helpful and understanding and the support across all roles is brilliant. I am still able to evolve and develop as a senior member of the management team, making sure that I can deliver on my role, bring new ideas to the table and support current and employ the right people for the business.”

– Jay Crabb