This morning’s Radio 4’s Today programme reported that UCAS has raised concerns that humanities subjects are under pressure with the amount of students studying for modern language degrees down a third in the last 10 years. John Cope from UCAS was featured and said “students are very savvy and when they make applications they look at the average career earnings, they look at the job prospects, they look at where their degree is going to lead them.. when you look at degrees in science and technology and AI it’s undeniable it’s a safer bet career-wise.. they’re looking for a recession-proof degree.

Youthforce’s CEO Charlotte Blant agrees but would go one step further “I’d say even better is a STEM based apprenticeship is even more ‘future-proofed’ as you are entering the employment market immediately. This gives you a head start on anyone going on a traditional 3-year full-time university programme, not to mention the fact that you’re earning while you’re learning and can avoid any student debts.

“STEM apprenticeships are available at all levels from a Level 3, equivalent to A levels through to a degree and even a Masters. The Science sector, in particular, is crying out to ‘grow our own’ talent following the pandemic. A good starting point is the laboratory technician apprenticeship but there are so many STEM apprenticeship opportunities out there I would encourage anyone to get in touch with us, whether an employer looking for young talent or someone thinking of starting on a ‘future-proof’ career path”

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