Isaac Newton Academy, Ilford – Laboratory Technician Apprentice (Level 3)

Brief overview of the role

A key role in supporting the science team to deliver outstanding science lessons to students across the secondary and sixth form. The apprentice will be given rigorous training and guidance, under supervision of an experienced Lead Technician, to ensure they become confident and successful in their role.

Vacancy description

The Apprentice Science Technician at Isaac Newton Academy is a key member of staff. At Isaac Newton Academy, we believe that there is a unique opportunity to ensure that science is taught correctly from the beginning. It is our aim to ensure that the scientific knowledge and understanding required at A-level has its roots in the material taught right from the beginning of the student’s secondary school experience. By embracing the concept of depth-before-breadth and teaching extended science topics, we aim to provide every student with the foundations for success in science during and beyond secondary school.


In order to instil a desire for learning and a life-long love of the subject we strive to ensure that science is taught in a practical and hands-on manner. We take every opportunity to inspire and engage giving the students opportunities to plan and test their own ideas through extended investigations and students are firmly encouraged to become independent learners. In addition, where possible, we choose to use topical examples and current issues facing scientists around the world to ensure our students develop the critical thinking skills that underpin the very nature of science and scientific enquiry.


The department currently comprises of 12 full-time and 2 part-time science teachers, as well as two full-time technicians. We have four prep-rooms and eleven teaching labs.

The Role – key responsibilities


To assist in providing professional and responsive support to teaching staff to support outstanding teaching and learning.


Science Technician Responsibilities


  • To assist with providing general maintenance of the Science labs, including the care of services, stores, laboratory equipment, drainage systems, working surfaces, etc., reporting any repairs as appropriate for action
  • To assist in the monitoring of stock and draft requisitions as appropriate, to check and store safety apparatus and materials appropriate for courses provided by the Academy.
  • To assist in the checking of new equipment for damages and functioning
  • To plan and carry out a complete stock take and a full inspection of apparatus and services on an annual basis under supervision of the Lead Technician/Science Technician.
  • To demonstrate, following training, specialist techniques and give advice to teachers and students, i.e. ecology collecting methods, microbiology techniques, microscopes, oscilloscopes and other apparatus
  • To assist in the preparation, maintenance and storing of apparatus for demonstration and for practical work as required
  • To place requisitions, progress, receive, check (for quality and safety) and distribute equipment where appropriate, under the supervision of the Lead Technician/Science Technician
  • To ensure that health and safety requirements and other relevant regulations are adhered to and observed
  • This may involve, following training, undertaking regular checking procedures and risk assessments, as appropriate to the work area
  • To assist in the preparation of and provide equipment and materials to support science practical teaching
  • To  share responsibility for the care of animals and plants in the Science labs and to maintain long term experiments
  • To procure biological consumables, i.e. fruit, hearts and other perishable items, as necessary, once trained

Requirements and prospects

Desired skills

  • Microsoft Office skills
  • The ability to work effectively alone and as a part of a team
  • Strong interpersonal, written and oral communication skills and ICT skills
  • Strong organisational and time management skills and a flexible attitude towards work
  • Ability to adapt to change and work successfully in a team
  • Excellent listening skills and ICT skills (word, excel, internet, email)
  • The ability to develop positive relations with students and adults in particular when liaising with non-technical colleagues
  • The ability to follow instructions accurately, but make sound judgements and lead when required

Personal qualities

  • Vision aligned with ARK’s high aspirations, high expectations of self and others
  • A firm and constant belief in the unlimited potential of every student and a commitment to inclusive educational provision
  • Motivation to continually improve standards and achieve excellence
  • Commitment to the safeguarding and welfare of all students and providing equality of opportunity
  • Resilience, motivation and commitment to driving up standards of achievement
  • Acting as a role model to staff and students
  • Commitment to regular and on-going professional development and training to establish outstanding classroom practice
  • Hardworking, conscientious and accurate
  • The ability to take personal responsibility, a readiness to reflect and self-evaluate, and the ability to change, develop and improve
  • Confidence and self-motivation
  • The ability to work well under pressure
  • High levels of honesty and integrity
  • A sense of humour and desire to have fun

Future prospects

  • Completion of training will lead to an increase in salary to that of a full Science technician
  • Several other courses and continued development opportunities are available to support further training in a science technician role
  • The successful apprentice will be fully qualified to work in the school laboratory environment
  • The knoledge and competencies developed will also be attractive to laboratory environments in other industries.


1 Cricklefield Place,



36 hours Monday - Friday|