Who We Are


Youthforce is a leading UK apprenticeship training provider dedicated to the development of skills and knowledge across the UK

We deliver accredited apprenticeship standards across multiple sectors including: business; science; IT systems and communication; and construction.


Our team of tutors combine decades of experience teaching and performing at the highest levels in their respective industries. Additionally, we provide a recruitment service to find the right candidates for each employer. We don’t see ourselves as any typical recruitment outfit. We look to marry the experience, skills, and personality of the apprentice with the individual needs of our clients. We truly believe that a happy apprentice benefits all parties involved. Our recruiters, tutors, and operations team strive to make this a reality for all our learners.



Youthforce first emerged in 2005 with a primary focus in mind: to equip young people for life. We provided in-house training for the managers, mentors, and tutors that worked with young people. We wanted to mould the professionals and volunteers that would later shape the minds of our principle beneficiaries – the youth of the UK.


Our original vision has not wavered 12 years since. We are still dedicated to equipping young people for life…we just wish to help others too – irrespective of age! Additionally, we believe apprenticeships to be the most effective way to develop the skills people need to reach their full potential.

Our work with public and private sector companies has added an additional priority for the team: provide established and emerging companies and schools with highly competent staff. All our apprentices are rigorously screened via a myriad of ways including: telephone interviews; workshop days; workplace trials days; and face-to-face interviews.


Over 12 years of experience as a leading training provider has cultivated a unique culture at Youthforce predicated on the following:


At the core of Youthforce is the provision of support to our learners. We are there to provide them with the tools necessary to succeed from the point of application to their last day at work. This does not mean we hold their hands throughout. We aim to create confident and independent apprentices who take control of their learning.


Youthforce is forever pushing the envelope in its approach to apprenticeship training and recruitment. We regularly review and adapt our processes to ensure every eventuality is accounted for. Additionally, we look to utilise the latest technology to create a fully immersive learning experience for our apprentices (see our recent work operationalising AI in our learning process below).


Very little at Youthforce is set in stone. We like to remain flexible to account for the diverse range of needs presented by both employers and apprentices. We recognise that one size does not fit all!


Underpinning all the above is a sustained commitment to our values. We will not sacrifice quality for quantity. We hold ourselves to a high standard with an expectation that our apprentices do the same. Similarly, we expect our employers to provide a safe environment conducive to our apprentices learning.